Cheese Snacks & Desserts

Origin of Japan (Hyogo, Kobe), "EMINA" ('Rokko Butter') is a well-known and historic food manufacturer of cheese products. Directly imported the milk raw materials from Australia - Queensland and produce the high-quality cheese products in Japan. EMINA's products are conscientious and meticulous in design, packaging, formulas, ingredients & taste. All the products will be fully and rigorously inspected before listing in the consumer market.
EMINA is derived from a Japanese term 'Egao Wo Mina Ni‘ (Make Everyone Smile With Cheese), which “fun” in our products and every bite of EMINA Cheese promises to bring a smile to your face.

Emina Cheese Snacks (Stick & Candy)

Using Cheddar Cheese as the base, creating milky taste.
Special and individual packaging for kids as they can easy to open it.
Emina Cheese Snacks (Stick) - 140g
Emina Cheese Snakcs (Candy) - 130g

Emina Cheese Desserts

Made with cream cheese and different flavours, formed as 6 pieces in 1 bite which is associating "a Cheese Cake".
Emina provides:
- Vanilla 90g
- Rum Raisin 90g
- Rich Nuts 90g
- Rich Berry 90g