Food Service Pack

Since 1919, providing "The Best Products with The Best Raw Materials"over hundred years. With the mayo, salad dressing and other sauce products, to share the love to every dinning tables.

Kewpie Mayo

Japan’s most beloved mayonnaise since 1925. KEWPIE MAYONNAISE JAPANESE STYLE is made purely from egg yolks. Large volume packaging fulfills the need of Food service.

Kewpie Mayonnaise in Food Service provides:
Kewpie Mayonnaise - 101 - Squeezable Bottle 1kg
Kewpie Mayonnaise - 101 - Pouch Pack 1kg
Kewpie Sweet Mayonnaise - Squeezable bottle 1kg
Kewpie Sweet Mayonnaise - Pouch Pack 1kg
Kewpie Thousand Island - Squeezable Bottle 1.05L
Mayo – Baking (Whole Egg+ Salty+ Baking) 1kg
Mayo – Baking (Whole Egg+ Sweet+ Baking) 1kg
Mayo–Vegetable Type (Yolk+ Sweet) 500g
Mayo – Burger (Whole Egg+ Sweet+ Baking) 1kg
Whole Egg Mayo (Yolk+ Sweet) 1kg
Kewpie Tartar Dressing 1kg
Kewpie Mayonnaise Wasabi 1kg
Kewpie Mayonnaise - 210 - Squeezable Bottle 1kg (Made in Japan)

Kewpie Dressing

Dressing brings the taste from Salad bowl to other dishes!
With the great taste from Salad to meat, Kewpie dressing allow people to bring the greatness with different flavour while enjoying dishes.

Kewpie Dressing in Food Service provides:
Kewpie Roasted Sesame Dressing 1.5L
Kewpie Japanese 1.5L
Kewpie Caesar Salad Dressing 1.5L
Kewpie American Sweet & Spicy Dressing 1.5L
Kewpie Italian Dressing 1.5L
Kewpie Lemon Dressing 1.5L
Kewpie Garlic Seafood Dressing 1.5L
Kewpie Perilla Dressing 1.5L
Kewpie Spicy Dressing 1.5L
Kewpie Non-Oil Yuzu Dressing 1L (Made in Japan)

Kewpie Jam

Made by strict selecting fruits, and retained the original smile and taste in the fruit jam.

Kewpie Jam in Food Service provides:
Kewpie Jam - White Peach 1kg
Kewpie Jam - White Peach 400g
Kewpie Jam - Mango 1kg
Kewpie Jam - Mango 500g
Kewpie Jam - Strawberry 1kg
Kewpie Jam - Heat Resistant Blueberry Jam 1kg
Kewpie Jam - Blueberry (High Viscosity) 1kg
Kewpie Jam - Mixed Fruits 1kg

Kewpie Sachet Dressing

With smaller packaging, flexible for customers to choose their own favour while enjoying salad and meat in take away.

Kewpie Sachet Dressing in Food Service provides:
Kewpie Dressing - Roasted Sesame Sachet 25ml
Kewpie Dressing - Japanese Sachet 25ml
Kewpie Dressing - Caesar Sachet 25ml

Kewpie Others

Apart from Mayo & Dressing, Kewpie also support other eggs products and Japanese condiments.

Kewpie provides:
Kewpie Sushi Vinegar 1.5L